Sports Injuries

Sports Injury
At some point, all athletes experience an injury.
Die-hard Beavers fans and proud to support the health and performance of athletes!

Dr. Young has unique experience in Sports Chiropractic.

He has been the chiropractor for the Oregon State University Athletic Department (GO BEAVERS!) since 2011. He is the first doctor of chiropractic to have a relationship like this with the program.

He has worked with Division 1 football, basketball, soccer, wrestling, rowing, gymnastics, swimming, volleyball, baseball, softball, and track and field athletes to help them recover from a variety of injuries. He has also supported these athletes when they aren’t injured to help them to maintain their health through training and during their seasons.

Working side-by-side with athletic trainers, medical doctors and physical therapists he has helped these young men and women become conference champions and even national champions. In addition, he has worked with athletes in the NFL, NBA, WNBA, foreign professional basketball leagues, MLB, MLS, and Olympians. He feels honored to be trusted with the health of these athletes.

Our massage therapists also have extensive experience providing sports recovery massage for these same athletes. When other Division 1 schools come to Corvallis they call Body of Health to arrange treatments for their athletes while they are on the road. We have also helped athletes who are training in preparation for their professional sports draft. 

This sets us apart from other clinics in the area and we are happy to extend this level of experience to amatuer and youth athletes as well. As an athlete, your needs change during the various phases of your training cycle. We can help you meet your needs in and out of season.  

We use evidence-guided diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation techniques that are based on this extensive clinical experience to deliver a high level of value to our patients.

One of our secrets: we treat all of our patients like athletes, because we know life is a contact sport.

4 Ways Chiropractic Boosts Sports Performance

I have been treating Division I, professional and Olympic athletes since 2011 and I have observed, personally, many benefits to these elite athletes who have used chiropractic care as part of their training or rehabilitation.

Most of these patients I see come to me because they have some sort of injury like a hamstring strain, shoulder injury, low back pain or worse. Once they are better many of these athletes continue with regular chiropractic care.

Their personal reasons may vary but I will ask some of them from time-to-time, “Why are you still getting chiropractic care even though you aren’t injured?

One NFL player told me that his reason was that when he knew that every segment of his spine and every joint of his body was fully functional it gave him the confidence to give maximum effort on the field. While I was working with him, he never missed a week while he was training or in season.

An Olympic athlete shared that she felt like it gave her a competitive edge knowing that, all things being equal, she was free from dysfunction in her joints.

Besides this confidence boost that athletes seem to gain from receiving chiropractic care, there have been scientific studies that have given us an inkling into the potential that chiropractic adjustments may have in enhancing sports performance.

1. Chiropractic Care Can Improve Range of Motion

Range of motion is a crucial element of human performance. When you have a good range of motion, it enhances your vision and ability to react. It gives you more power as you develop kinetic energy. It gives an athlete the ability to cover more ground efficiently.

In a sport like gymnastics, that requires a lot of flexibility, range of motion can mean the difference in the hundredths of a point that can decide a whole meet.

One study showed that runners had increased hip range of motion after spinal adjustments. Another showed that golfers had a greater full-swing range of motion.

2. Increased Strength

When a joint becomes dysfunctional it may affect the ability to recruit more muscle fibers in nearby joints. One study demonstrated that judo martial artists had improved grip strength after spinal adjustments.

3. Increased Speed

Most athletes benefit from the ability to move faster than their opponents. Speed kills, as they say.

A study of soccer players showed that after spinal adjustments these players had increased kicking speed.

4. Improved Balance and Muscle Control

Proprioception is the ability to judge the body’s position in space. This is an important sense that helps us to make coordinated movements and avoid potential injuries. This sense also strongly affects our sense of balance.

Every athlete stands to benefit from improved coordination, balance and muscle control. Spinal adjustments, to the neck in particular, have been shown to increase proprioception and muscle control.

There are likely many other benefits of chiropractic adjustment for athletes. It’s exciting to be able to put my decade of experience working with athletes to work even for weekend warriors. For anybody looking to take their physical performance to the next level, chiropractic is certainly worth it.

-Jason Young, DC

Reference: Spinal Manipulative Therapy and Sports Performance Enhancement: A Systematic Review Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics 2017

What People Say About Us

Well i gotta say it definitely helped my neck. Every time I play golf or do any physical activity my neck just hurts all over, Jason found the issue did some treatments and I played the round of my life afterwards. I told him if he shaved a few strokes off my game I’d keep coming back. I will be there next week!! He even wrote a prescription to play more golf to bring home to my wife. Lol

Raymon Heyer

via Google

I’ve never had such an outstanding level of chiropractic care! He really listened to my needs and concerns. He really knows what he’s doing and has a great sense of humor as well. Great for athletes! He really understands how to get your body in the condition needed to perform at high levels and how to prevent injury.

Kat Roberts

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