Chiropractic Care

Injured? Nagging Pain? We can fix that!

Have you been injured or do you have a nagging problem that just doesn’t want to go away on its own?

Does your back or another joint take your attention away from doing the things that you love or need to get done?

Maybe there is a price you know you’ll have to pay whenever you have to sit, work or play.

If any of this sounds like you then chiropractic care is probably the place to start.

Chiropractors specialize in treatment of neuromusculoskeletal (that’s nerves, muscles, and bone/joint) problems naturally, without the use of drugs or surgery.

One of our primary tools is joint manipulation, also called an adjustment.

Is that the same as popping or cracking a joint? Yes and no.

Yes, joint manipulation will often make that popping or cracking noise, but no because we aren’t just looking to have a joint make a noise.

Spinal and extremity manipulation by a licensed chiropractic physician involves, first, skillfully assessing a joint’s function and its relationship to symptoms you may have and, then, applying the right movement to the joint to restore function, relieve pain and get you back to your life.

It’s like using a hammer. You can bang a hammer on anything to make some noise just the same as you can pop or crack a joint to make some noise. Or you can use a hammer skillfully, and in the right area, to build something structurally sound and functional.

At Body of Health Chiropractic & Wellness Center, we have a lot more than just a “hammer” to help you reach your health goals. We have a number of tools including soft tissue techniques, physiotherapies, rehabilitative exercise, nutrition and lifestyle consultation and other methods.

One thing that makes BOH unique is our environment and approach to healthcare and your problems. Just because you are in pain, doesn’t mean that we can’t have a good time getting you better. We are always serious about getting you healthy, at the same time, we will most likely use some laughter to make it all easier.

Find out what we mean by this. Give a call today and let’s get your chiropractic consultation scheduled.

What Can We Tell You About Adjustments

One of the funnest experiences I get to have is introducing people to chiropractic care for the very first time.

People always come with some sort of preconceived notion.

Sometimes it is some crazy idea about what effect the adjustment will have on their body. For example, last week I had a patient ask if I was going to “Linda Blair” her head.

Other people genuinely have no idea what to expect when they go to a chiropractor.


What Do Chiropractors Do?
A visit to the chiropractor is really similar to any other doctor’s visit in many ways. Of course there is paperwork to fill out with information about your past health history for your first visit. I know nobody enjoys this paperwork (I sure don’t when I go). However, it’s important information to have so that we can determine whether it’s safe to treat you and what kind of treatment to provide. This paperwork will be the basis for getting a good past health history.

Next, there’s the exam which consists of looking at things like posture, range of motion, orthopedic tests and feeling for areas of muscle tenderness and tension. One of the primary things we are looking for during this exam is how the different segments of your spine move. If we’re going to adjust your spine (I’ll talk about what this means in a second) this is one of the ways we figure out where to adjust. Your exam will help to pinpoint the exact cause(s) of your problem.

After a history and exam the very next part of the visit is actually talking. This is called a “review of findings”. It’s a chance for the chiropractor to let you know what has been found and what can be done to fix it. This should include a basic description of your problem such as joint dysfunction, a low back strain or the type of headache you have. There may be some speculation about how these problems came about (posture strain, trauma, etc.). Treatments for your condition (adjustments, heat, exercises, ultrasound, etc.) will be discussed. There’s also a portion of the review of findings that we call “informed consent”. This means that the doctor is going over your prognosis, alternative treatments, risks and give you a chance to ask questions.

What About the Treatment?
Once all of the due diligence (history and physical exam) have been done, it’s time for the “magic”. For some chiropractors this just means that you’ll get the segments of your spine that aren’t moving well adjusted (hang in there… I’m almost to the part where I talk about what this means). I like to take a more holistic approach which also includes talking about changes in your environment that can help you recover more quickly, completely and staying that way. When I say environment I mean everything from the way to sit at work or in your car to the foods that you eat. I may also use physiotherapies like ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, massage, etc. Often, I assign and demonstrate exercises and stretches that give you the tools to manage and correct your problems outside of the treatment room. Real health care is about empowerment. It’s not just about lying on my table while I do something to you; it’s opening your mind and learning what you can do for yourself.
What About the Adjustment?
Okay, NOW it’s time to talk about the adjustment. This is the term we use to describe the primary treatment method used by most chiropractors. It’s a shallow but quick (I’ve heard it described as “ninja-like”) thrust to a restricted joint. This can be in the spine, the shoulders, hips, toes, or just about any other place you have a joint. Regardless of how this may sound to you it’s usually a way to get some instant relief to a joint. You may have heard this called “popping” or “cracking.” We pop popcorn and we crack eggs. When it comes to a bio-mechanical wonder like the human body though, chiropractors perform skilled adjustment. There is a difference. Those other terms come from the sound your spine sometimes makes when it is adjusted. This sound is not the goal, though. The real objective is to restore proper function to restricted segments of the spine to improve movement and relieve pain. How exactly this works is the subject of another blog post!

The adjustment is generally very safe. The most common complications are some soreness or a mild headache afterward. Usually these resolve within 24 hrs and feel better than they did before treatment. When I say rare the research suggests anywhere from 10-20% of the time. Most people already have headache or soreness when they come in anyway so it’s kind of a wash. Serious complications are extremely rare and most chiropractors will go their entire career without an unfortunate event like that.

What ELSE Do Chiropractors Do?

Chiropractic is the 3rd largest health care profession in the United States, behind dentistry and allopathic (hospital) medicine. Some of us specialize in various aspects of health care including: public health, teaching, DOT examinations, nutrition, and sports medicine to name a few. For example, I have a Masters Degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine and I use this training often for my patients. I’ve also worked with the Oregon State University Athletic Department since 2012, helping to care for athletes. I’ve been a teacher at a massage school and a community college. The point here isn’t to toot my own horn, but rather to give you an idea of the broad scope of contributions chiropractors are making to our society.

So, what do chiropractors do? When people ask me this question my response is typically that I “help normal people feel extraordinary.” We improve the quality of life of people who range from suffering to just wanting to be and feel their best. That is my business… and business is good!

What People Say About Us.

No nonsense chiropractor. I came here because I needed chiropractic care without the woo peddling. Dr Young is professional and courteous, and he will put a smile on your face.

Arwen McGilvra

via Google

Dr. Young is an excellent chiropractor. I have a complicated spine and a pinched nerve that is finicky. He’s the only one in town that I trust.

JB Freeby

via Facebook

Choosing a chiropractor is an important decision, and that’s why I’d like to recommend Dr. Jason Young. I love going to Body of Health. Never anything unnecessary, any nonsense, always friendly, always asking with genuine interest about my life and the important people in it. Whether I haven’t been in for a year or I’m having a necessary follow up a week later, this is a place where I’m always known and cared for. The massage therapists are fantastic, too!!

Abigail Kurfman

via Google

Dr. Young is great at treating my vertigo issues. He has helped me more than most other chiropractors I have been to over the past few years. Also good results of neck and back adjustments. Wonderful personality, very easy to talk with and he really listens. Highly recommend. Office Staff very friendly and helpful too.

Judy Howard

via Google

Dr. Young is a very knowledgeable and caring chiropractor. He was able to help my intense back pain with an adjustment and follow up with exercises that could help strengthen muscles. In addition he helped in the same manner with my shoulder issues. I feel incredible and would recommend Dr. Young to any person and know without a doubt they will feel better than brand new!!!

Karilea Landolt

via Google

Jason Young is everything that makes a chiropractor extraordinary. Not only is he good at the actual chiropractic aspect of his work, he’s also extremely knowledgeable on a both a multitude of tangentially related subjects (like nutrition) AND he’s up to date on recent studies that effect the way he treats his patients. I am so grateful I have him as a resource in my life. Thank you Jason for being so genuine and for caring so much about your work and your patients!!!

Natalie Willes

via Google

He is very nice and makes the experience easygoing! Funny guy, left feeling great and relieved of pain afterward. Also a great, clean and accommodating office. Highly recommend.

Samantha Tullis

via Google

I had no idea that I would receive more than chiropractic care but rather total care of my body. I have received such wonderful care from Dr. Young and everyone at the center. I feel not only healthier but secure as well.

Thank you Dr. Young and everyone at the Center.

Joanne Rose

via Google

Dr. Young is exactly what you would hope for in a chiropractor. He’s friendly but professional, and confident but not pushy. He’s a good listener who takes the time to make sure you’re getting the right treatment. I’ve already recommended him to my family, and will continue to recommend him to friends.

Tim Howard

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