InBody Body Composition Scanner

Dr. Young teaching patient about machine
As human beings, we are made up of a lot of “stuff” (please forgive the technical term). We have bones, minerals, muscles, fats, proteins, a whole lot of water and more.

There is a lot of value in understanding what you are made up of.

This is where the InBody 570 Body Composition Scanner is a powerful tool that we have available at Body of Health Chiropractic & Wellness Center.

With a very high degree of accuracy, the InBody 570 Body Composition Scanner is capable of telling you how much lean mass, fat, and water you have in your body.

Within 90 seconds it will measure how much of that water is inside of your cells and outside of your cells, a ratio that helps us to understand your hydration status or identify conditions such as water retention or dehydration.

It will measure and report how many pounds of muscle and fat you have in each arm, leg and in your trunk.

The InBody 570 Body Composition Scanner takes a precise measurement from head to toe of this information. There is no guess work involved.

Most body composition scanners available to consumers measure this information in just the upper or lower body and then, using algorithms, they will guess what this means for your overall body fat percentage.

Once you have the data from the measurement, you will be able to see how your body composition compares to an individual of the same sex, height and age. This information is invaluable, especially if you are working to get to a healthier body composition. Periodic body composition scans will help you to determine whether your strategy for a body change has been effective.

The Process

The process is very simple. We don’t even require appointments for a body composition scan.

When you come in you will start by emptying your bladder in the restroom (yes, we only allow bladder emptying in the restroom). Besides, nobody wants to measure how much urine they have in them.

After that, a wipe will be provided to moisten the palms and soles of the feet to ensure good conductivity.

Then you step onto the body composition scanner which will measure your weight. You will provide data such as your height and age.

Once this information has been entered you stand still and hold onto two handles for about 90 seconds while the body composition scanner sends mild electrical impulses between the different contact points to determine your body composition.

Each person enters a unique ID number so that your information can be stored, allowing you to compare your scan against any scan you have done in the past. Usually, people will use their cell phone number.

Don’t worry. When we say it’s mild we mean that you can’t feel them at all.

After the scan is complete, you will receive a detailed, printed report with all of your information.

If you’d like, Dr. Young will review your results and answer any questions you may have.

That’s it! There is no need to change into a swimsuit, float in water, sit in an egg, or any of the other strange and expensive ways of determining your accurate body composition. It’s quick, completely comfortable and available at the fraction of the price of other tests.

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