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I'll tell you one of my biggest pet peeves.  It's when a business posts a sign that says, "Like us on Facebook".  I have to admit, I used to have one myself.  It bugs me because it presumes that just because Facebook is there and the business is on Facebook that you should have some sort of relationship.  If you're like me, you value relationships because they are rewarding and fulfilling.  You get something and I get something and that's special.  When a business asks you to "Like" it most of them don't even know what that means.  They want a lot of "Likes" because they think it shows a high level of brand confidence but their fan page will sit vacant or only be used to advertise more stuff you can buy. That's not a very good relationship.  It's like the neighbor who only talks to you when they need to borrow your lawn mower.  Maybe the business offered you a free shirt or entered you in a drawing for a "chance" to win something.  Well, now they've upgraded to being the neighbor who brings your newspaper from the end of the driveway when they come to ask for your lawn mower.

I'm writing this post is to let you know why Body of Health is worth liking.  Chance are, since you're reading this, that you already like us on Facebook so you will recognize the benefits I'll list.  If you haven't liked us yet then I'll put a link at the bottom of this post.  I'd put it here but I haven't given you a good excuse to click it yet!

1. There Are REAL People on the Other End of the Line! – These days you can't call a business without having to "Press 9, Hold Please, Spell your Party's last name…".  It's tough to actually get a real person to respond to you!  I don't delegate the responsibility for our social networking to my staff.  I don't have canned replies.  I don't outsource the writing of my articles.  When you interact with us you are interacting with ME, the doctor.  I'm not too busy for you.  I do it every day so you don't have to wait for answers or information.  Sometimes people ask, "Wow!  Isn't that a lot of work?"  YES!  But it is the soul of what we do at Body of Health.  We are connecting with people in a way that makes them better.  That's my job.  Isn't your job a lot of work too?

2. We Need You! – When I started Body of Health the goal was never just to have a chiropractic clinic.  I wanted to start a movement.  When I chose the name "Body of Health" I wasn't just thinking of the word "body" in the sense that usually pops into our head.  I'm talking about more than just bones, muscles, skin, teeth and organs.  The word "body" has several meanings such as a corpse ("The police found a body in the river")… which is denfinitely NOT what I had in mind.  When I think about Body of Health, I think of the definition which means: an organized group of people.  Like I said, I want to start a movement of people who want to be better, healthier, happier and stronger.  I use the Internet as a powerful tool for that.  Many of the people I help each day are folks I've never met.  They are a friend of a friend or a family member of a patient.  The Internet allows me to expand my reach and ability to change lives and bring people in to this body of people (or Body of Health) we are creating.  All of that doesn't happen without YOU!  You can be a part of "The Body" by sharing, questioning, participating and working with us to make you better than ever.

3. We are Good Sharers! – My mom always taught me to share.  I'd like to she taught me well.  Whether it's a blog post, a quick stat, an inspirational quote, video or a give-away we do our best to consistently bring you content that will make a difference in your life.  Sometimes you'll get useful tips. Sometimes all you'll get is a good laugh but you will always get something useful from us.

4. More Help From The Body – One of the greatest things about becoming part of The Body is that you also get to hear from people just like you.  I encourage participation.  I want to know what you think.  I want to know what you do to keep in good shape.  You want to know these things about other folks out there just like you also.  I'm sure you have valuable ideas to share with them too. 

I often tell people that there are two types of friends: Those who suck the life and energy out of you and those who energize you and make you feel like you're having a great time.  We want to be that second kind of friend to you.  Hopefully you think that's a good enough reason to "Like" us.  (We like you too.) 

If you want to join The Body and keep up with what we are doing here is a link to our Facebook page.  Please let me know what I can do to better serve you.

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  1. Shawn Allen DC

    I particularly like your idea #2. Reminds me of the song Alice’s Restaurant; ‘wants to start a movement’.

    For what its worth, we have some clinics that enter patients into a drawing for an iPad when they ‘like’ them on FB, or leave a comment on their google page. Unlike Facebook, when a customer ‘checks’ in on google or leaves a comment, the business moves up on the search engine response. So clinics with lots of comments and lots of ‘check ins’ on Google, move to the top of the google search response. Means that it is easier to find on google.

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