What Does a Toothbrush Have to do With a Heart Attack?

Here is another interesting article from Scientific American (May 27, 2010) which links oral hygiene to heart disease.  WHAT?!?  It’s true.  Researchers recently concluded that those who do not brush twice a day may have as much as a 70% increase in likelihood that they will suffer cardiovascular disease.

The rationale behind this is that periodontal disease increases general inflammation in the system which damages the cardiovascular system.  Avoiding periodontal disease can decrease this inflammatory load on your heart and blood vessels.

Inflammation is a natural process in the body meant to repair tissue damage and fight harmful pathogens that enter the body.  While it’s a naturally occuring phenomenon it should typically resolve quickly.  Prolonged inflammation invariably leads to tissue destruction.  Things that can prolong inflammation include allergic reactions, sedentary lifestyle, poor diet and more.  Proper nutrition, healthy lifestyle choices such as brushing your teeth, exercise and wellness care (ie chiropractic) can help you to decrease your body’s overall inflammatory load.

Look for a blog post in the near future that will talk about how to reduce your body’s level of general inflammation.

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