Run in the Sun!

Today was the day and it was a beautiful one at that. Over 450 runners showed up to run in the New Balance Girls on the Run 5k race. The sun was shining and everybody was in a great mood. We usually show up and provide free chiropractic and massage services to the participants and observers. This time it was special though. This was the first race where Body of Health was an official event sponsor.

Our sponsorship was for the team from Wilson Elementary school: the Wildcats (grrrrooowwl!). We chose this school because next year we will have a kindergartener and a first grader there. We’re thrilled at the relationship we have been able to foster with the Willamette Valley chapter of the Girls on the Run program.

Throughout the whole event our tents were busy, busy, busy. We had two massage chairs going and I was evaluating and adjusting spines left and right. Wendie Gum, LMT was there performing massage. That was a real treat because Wendie is usually in super-high demand, but we are glad that she cleared out a Saturday morning to come out and work with us. She’s been with us since the day we first opened our doors. It could have something to do with the fact that her husband Josh ran his first 5k today. Josh has been inspiring all of us lately as he is getting fit and embracing all aspects of wellness.

Karlee Dennis, LMT was with us for the first time today too. It was really cool to see her working side-by-side with Wendie who is one of the people who inspired her to pursue a career in massage. I teach pathology at the school where she did her training and Karlee has a reputation among the instructors as being very knowledgeable and very talented. She is starting a massage practice in Lebanon and was kind enough to come out and help us at this event. Thanks Karlee!

At this run we featured the Low Level (Cold) Laser technology more than usual. I used it onabout 2 dozen patients on Saturday. The laser has two main effects: 1) increase cell regeneration 2) improve cell communication. Clearly these effects are very helpful when you are trying to stimulate a person’s immune system and encourage a healing process. Through neurological testing I was able to isolate some areas of deficiency and everybody I treated with the laser had full function in these areas by the time we were done.

One man could not lift his arms over his head without pain in his right shoulder. He had dysfunction in the nerve roots from C2-C5 in the cervical spine. We fixed that with a 30 second laser treatment and adjustment. He left with full shoulder range of motion and no pain.

Another lady with Multiple Sclerosis came for some treatment. She had been having knee and neck/shoulder pain. MS is frustrating because it is hard to tell who is from the MS and what is just regular wear and tear. It doesn’t matter though because energizing and freeing up the nervous system helps both. She left pain free for the first time in years.

About 10 of the people I treated had never had chiropractic care before. Its always fun to give somebody that first adjustment because the results are usually drastic. Over and over people would say the same things: “I didn’t realize I was feeling that bad before” or “Holy, $%#& that actually works” or “Why did I wait so long to try this out?”.

We treated a lot more kids than usual at this race. Kids are really fun to work with because they respond really well to chiropractic care. Of course I started by adjusting my daughters before the race. I do this to help them perform their best and prevent injuries. The youngest patient that day was 3 years old and he did great!

It was fun to see some of our current patients who came in to be treated. It was a great opportunity to even reconnect with some folks who were overdue for an adjustment. While I’d like to think I’m a pretty good adjustor I don’t know that anybody is good enough to adjust you once a year and have you enjoy optimal health. *hint*hint* It was great to see these friends again though.

Thanks to our friends at Girls on the Run who provided a great day for everybody involved. For more information about this organization read my blog entry entitled Run Girls Run!

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