Run Girls Run!

Another season of Girls on the Run is upon us. For the past year Body of Health has been happy to have a relationship with this great program. Most people who have heard of Girls on the Run know them for the 5k races that they host in our community, but it is more than just a fun run.

As a young girl Molly Barker watched her mom overcome alcoholism using a unique approach.  Early each morning she would get up and go for a run.  When she returned 45 minutes later she was energized and full of life.  Running helped her to get her life back from a disease that consumes so many people.

When Molly was 15 years old she entered what she calls the “Girl Box” where girls are expected to shed their originality and personality for what society wants them to become.  One element of this for Molly was an introduction to alcohol.  This was the first step to following her mother’s path to alcoholism.  She was also an avid runner and competed 4 times in Hawaii’s iron man competition.  At age 32 an epiphany pulled her out of this box one day as she was simply out for a run.  Four miles into the run she felt free and in control in a way that she had never felt before.  The Girls on the Run program was born out of this experience.

Today this Girls on the Run is an international program teaching girls in 3rd-5th grade self-esteem, courage and wellness.  The goal is to prepare them for avoiding the “Girl Box” when they enter middle school.  The girls participate in 20 lessons lead by a certified coach.  At each 90 minute session they receive a healthy snack.  While they are learning these ideals they also train to run in two 5k race events.

This year Body of Health is Sponsoring the Wilson Elementary School Wildcats team.  We will also be at their spring event the New Balance Girls on the Run 5k providing massage therapy and chiropractic care on site.  If you are in the area on Saturday June 5th you should stop by and see us and support these girls in the race.  Registration is at 9:00 am and the race starts at 10:00 am.  If you want to participate, Click This Link.  If you are on Facebook join the Girls on the Run Fan Page so that you can get updates on the program’s progress and show your support.

As a father of two beautiful little girls I am extremely proud of our partnership with this program.  We’ll see you there!

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