Review: Nike FuelBand

Well if you've been waiting for my review of Nike's FuelBand then STOP!  Here it is!  Enjoy!

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  1. Ben Brewster

    Sweet. Can you set that thing to always show the time first when you hit the button? Can this thing replace my watch, I guess I’m asking?

  2. Jason Young, DC

    Yes.  That is how mine is usually set.  You use the button to scroll through the different information.  Whatever you were on last is the first thing to show up next time you hit the button.  When it is on time it just pops up the time right away.  Also you can customize the band to not show catagories you don’t want to show up.  Like if you don’t want it to show the number of steps or calories as you scroll through then you can disable that.  

    Can it replace your watch?  Certainly.  It has replaced mine (except for when I want to look fancy sporting my Bulova).  There is no date, stop watch or alarm but if all your looking for is the time then BINGO.


  3. Ben Brewster

    Bring that thing to PAX. 😉

  4. Jason Young, DC

    It only leaves my wrist when it’s time to charge.

  5. Melissa

    Sounds cool! What is the price range for these? Do chiropractors in other states have them too? Just curious.

  6. Jason Young, DC

    The FuelBand retails for $149. People use them all over the world. You won’t find them in retail stores most likely. Your best bet is to try or EBay.

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