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One of Body of Health’s longest lasting relationships has been with an organization called Points for Profit.  Run by local advertising firm, InSpirit Marketing, Inc., Points for Profit is a was that local businesses can consistently support various non-profit organizations in the area.

Here is how it works: The non-profit organization gets “points” for supporting local participating businesses by using their services or products.  They can also earn points by attending meetings (which are really more like parties) to learn more about the businesses involved.  Throughout the year there are also fun challenges like costume contests and an annual weight-loss challenge sponsored by Body of Health.  At the end of the year the organizations split a pool of about $20,000 according to how many points their organization has.  InSpirit has really found a way to put the FUN in FUNdraising.  (Ok terrible pun).

Body of Health has been involved with Points for Profit for two years now and we have grown with the program.  We are proud to represent natural healing in the group of sponsors.  You may have seen the local paper called “High Points” floating around in Linn & Benton County.  It is a free paper that is loaded with great articles.  Every month Dr. Young publishes an article in the “Good Health” Section of the paper.

Click this link for a list of Points for Profit Business Sponsors.

Click this link for a list of Points for Profit Non-Profit Organizations.

If you would like to support one of these Non-Profits and you use any of the business sponsors (including your treatments at Body of Health), you can drop off your receipts with a note indicating which non-profit you would like your points to benefit at Body of Health.  You’re going to be shopping anyway right?  Why not help out a group in need at the same time?

Thanks to all of our patients who have come from our association with Points for Profit!  See you at the next meeting!

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  1. Jackie Saling

    Hey, It’s me, Jackie From SafeHaven.
    Great web stie and Blog. If you don’t have a winner yet for the receipts you are giving away, let me put my name in the hat 🙂
    Looks to me like you are sponsoring Wilson School this year. That is awesome.
    So glad you are in P4P, you are a great addition.
    See you at the end of the month

  2. Jason Young, DC

    Thanks Jackie! It turns out that I got e-mail about 3 minutes after I put the challenge out there. But thanks for the compliment on the blog. I work hard to keep it updated and interesting so hopefully you’ll check back often!

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