More Lessons From My Memorial Day Weekend (Pt. 2)

Well if you read my last post then you know that I have traveled north for the weekend to visit family and attend some continuing education classes. Here are some more things I have learned during this trip.

1) Posture = Power
I think that if you asked most people they would tell you they have bad posture. I do a postural evaluation with every examination I perform. Most people say something like, “UGH! I know my posture is terrible!”. I also think a large percentage of these people don’t understand just how powerful good posture can be. First it’s important to understand that we form bad postural habits because of the things we are doing every day. Working at a computer, riding a bike, caring for children, even treating patients. Each of these activities has certain demands on our bodies and maintaining good posture may not come naturally with whatever you are doing. Usually we will follow the path of least resistance in the sense that we do things the quickest way possible. But what seems to be the quickest is not always the best or the easiest (meaning least effort).

Maintaining a good posture will make you stronger and improve your endurance. Think about it… If you are stronger and have improved endurance what activity would not be easier for you to perform? Good posture can take a little bit of coaching. It’s not as simple as SIT UP STRAIGHT! Like mom used to say. Using good posture may require changing your environment by raising a computer monitor, getting a changing table or getting a different car For some of us good posture is not natural because we have some muscle weakness or inhibition. But its easy to strengthen and train these muscle groups. Once you have all of these muscles turned on then everything becomes easier and you have less pain in your life. If you’re interested I have some really easy ways to get started with better posture. Get in touch with me 541-753-1287 or [email protected]

2) Everybody Needs Coaching –
Professional Athletes, Powerful Businessmen and women, Singers, etc all have one thing in common – the best of the best all have coaches. Everybody needs coaching if they plan on being successful. A coach is somebody who can objectively point out areas where you can improve. They can help you celebrate your victories. They can motivate you beyond what you’ll push yourself to do. They hold you accountable. I coach people in the gym. I coach people in their health. I coach little league. (GO PIRATES!!)

Michael Jordan and his coach Phil Jackson

I also receive coaching. Even though I know a lot about it I have people who coach me in my health and fitness. It can be a challenge to be coachable. To be coachable means to be willing to work, willing to listen, willing to try new things, and being teachable. Some of my little baseball players have moments when they aren’t very coachable. They are too distracted with what’s for snack or chasing a bug in right field. Some of my patients aren’t too coachable. They think they are “healthy enough” (whatever that means) or that they never can improve. The truth is that we all need a little bit of help. Will you identify one or two areas that you can use some coaching? Maybe you need a running coach or a cooking coach or a listening coach. Even if it’s something that you are already really, really good at could you find somebody to help you become better?

There’s gotta be more. The weekend isn’t over yet. 🙂

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