Let Go

Before we go any further with this post let’s establish a basic premise: YOU DESERVE TO BE HEALTHY. With a few rare exceptions we choose our health by our actions. For example: smoke, eat poorly, sit on your couch all day…. You’re sick. But all of that is common sense in the world we live in.

So what keeps people from making the necessary choices to select good health instead? Why if we know that something is killing us do we find it so hard to make an about face and start choosing things that will make us well?

One of the biggest barrier is that we forget the basic premise we set out in the beginning of this post. At some point any of us may feel that we have done so much damage, made so many wrong choices that we have become unworthy of being healthy. Though we may be successful in a lot of other ways we shamefully count ourselves as losers in fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle. We rationalize that we have a great family and a great job and two out of three ain’t bad. We condemn ourselves to a sort of health purgatory because we have been naughty and we know it.

This is so dangerous because it is impossible to get better with these attitudes. If you keep identifying yourself as fat, weak, lazy, and sickly then it will be easy to spend the rest of your life feeling like you are getting what you deserve for the choices you’ve made. BUT WAIT!!! Do you remember the basic premise??? YOU DESERVE TO BE HEALTHY!!

You deserve to be fit, able, happy, strong and every other good thing that comes along with superior health. So why don’t you believe it? The reason is simple… You haven’t forgiven yourself. No journey toward health can ever be completed if you don’t make the first few steps to forgive yourself of your past health sins.

Give yourself complete and utter amnesty for all of the things you have done to your body. Pardon the doughnuts, binges, late nights, smoking, drinking, sitting around, etc. Let it go! The only person holding you accountable for those things is you. It is totally within your power to let the past be the past and quit punishing your body for past choices. Maybe a clean slate is all you’ve really been looking for.

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