Lessons From My Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend. I hopped on the train with my two daughters and headed up to Seattle mostly to visit my sister who lives up here but also to attend a conference of the National Strength and Conditioning Association. As I’m reaching day two of this adventure I’m learning some interesting things that aren’t just on the PowerPoint slides. I thought I’d write and share.

1. To Avoid Later “Daddy Issues” Little Girls Need Their Daddy – there is no way around it. There is something about getting some time alone with my daughters that is very important. We have gotten a great chance to talk about things that are important to them on the ride. I’m getting a chance to teach them some street smarts while we’re riding on trains in close quarters with strangers. It’s good to get them out of their comfort zone and natural habits to have some great experiences. I think it’s good that they get to do this with their Dad. I think (hope) they get the feeling that in this big adventure that I’m looking out for them. I think (hope) that they are getting a sense that I trust them but I have some expectations about how they live and act. I think they will always remember this trip and it will make them better, more confident women.

2. Lead From The Front – the conference I’m attending is to maintain my training as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. I’m surrounded by strength coaches for professional, collegiate, and high school sports teams. In general they are built like elite athletes and models. (of course there are some exceptions). I contrast this to some similar chiropractic conferences I’ve been to. There is not nearly so much uniformity in shape. I imagine that medical conferences are similar. It got me to thinking… Who is leading by example here? I once got a personal trainer for my wife and I made the selection based on who had the most amazing looking body. If you wanted to be healthy and where using a similar criteria who wouldn’t take some of these trainers over the doctors? I need to be better. I think all physicians need to lead by example and look the way we want our patients to feel. I think parents need to look the way and have the health they would wish one their children one day. We should be leading from the front.

3. The World Has No Shortage of People Willing To Let You Know How Awesome(r) They Are – They don’t always come out and just say it. If you’ve been to a seminar like the one I’m attending then you know what I’m talking about. The guy who raises his hand to “ask a question” but really he wants to let you know how cool he is. Unfortunately this isn’t limited to seminars people do it all the time. I’m pretty sure I do too. There is something to be said for people who are willing to learn, accept, receive, etc. Otherwise you just make people feel invalidated and they roll their eyes a lot behind your back. Don’t you care about people’s eye health?

The weekend is young… I’m sure there’s more to come….


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  1. Josh Gum

    Great blog article Jason! I’m thinking this summer I’m going to be interested in some “Trainer J at the gym”.. take some extra notes this weekend, I wanna see how many different ways you can break me! 😀

    Give Teri a hug from me, and follow it up with an elaborate fist bump with fireworks!

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