My Insurance Won’t Let Me See a Chiropractor

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Chiropractic Myth – My Insurance Won’t Let Me See a Chiropractor

It’s not uncommon for me to be talking to a friend and they mention that the only reason they haven’t come to see me for a spinal adjustment is because their insurance won’t “let them” see a chiropractor. I always think that this is so crazy. It’s the second craziest reason to not come and see me as their chiropractor. (I’ll get to the winner for crazy in a moment. Keep reading though).

Insurance doesn’t get to pick and choose what kind of health care treatments you are going to have access to. If your insurance coverage is not very good or non-existent, so what? Does it change the fact that you have back pain, headaches, or a sports injury? I understand that it is awesome to only have a $25 co-pay but if you need the care you need the care right?

If you go to the emergency room because you have acute rib pain they will most likely give you an opioid pain killer and a muscle relaxer and a gentle shove out the door. They don’t like seeing these kinds of patients (because you’re not in danger of dropping dead) and they don’t really manage them well. I have never seen a patient who had rib pain because of an Oxycontin deficiency (that’s not a real thing by the way). What I DO see all the time is people who have mechanical problems in their joints with require mechanical, not chemical, solutions. So you pay that $25 and it is wasted. Well…. not wasted but not really used to the greatest value for YOU.

Let’s say you pay twice that for a chiropractic treatment which gives you instant relief and solves the problem and you can get back about your life without getting high in the process. Is that worth $50? It’s certainly worth even more than that because your time is valuable.

What if you avoid getting the care that you need because your insurance won’t help out. Could a problem that might cost $300 out of pocket with a chiropractor turn into a problem that might cost $3000, a surgery and a long recovery? Possibly. Do you see what I’m getting at?

YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR MOST VALUABLE ASSET. When you are considering what to spend or why to spend keep that in perspective. Enjoy the video.


Dr. Young


PS – Wondering about that crazy reason still. Read on below.


The Craziest Reason a Friend Told Me They Wouldn’t Come Get an Adjustment From Me…

I had a friend tell me that she and another mutual friend decided they would never come and see me for an adjustment because it would be awkward for them to have me see them naked….


What exactly did this person think a chiropractor does?!

Nobody’s getting naked. Sorry.

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