How Do You Heal This?

This won’t be a long post. I don’t have much to say. Lately there has been a string of tragedies thrust in front of us. It makes us all feel vulnerable and think “What if?”. I was shopping at the mall in Clackamas three days before the stupefying violence and felt a poignant mix of relief and shame that I had literally dodged a bullet.

This morning seeing the news about the students and administrators murdered in Conn. brought back those feelings as I am a father and a human being. It hurts us all when these things happen. We want to blame guns but guns don’t fire themselves, so it’s not the guns. We want to blame the media but it probably isn’t them either. We want to blame bullies, therapists, teachers, mental illness, etc. but none of these things are new yet we experience these tragedies over and over and over again. This won’t be the last time either. So what is it?

I don’t know.

Here’s what I do know. Love conquers all. These people who carry out these plots do it to hurt, intimidate and terrorize. Love is the only cure for that. Love is the only prevention. It’s like we as a culture have a systemic disease and the only cure out there is love. Maybe instead of feeling horror for the people, including parents and children, we have lost we can feel love for them. We can feel love for their families.

In my practice my goal is to address causes of disease and not symptoms. We treat people not problems. I think that if we are going to heal what ails society healthy doses of respect, compassion and love are the only cure. Anything else is just a band-aid.

-Dr. Young

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  1. Peggy Glasmann

    I agree. My heart is broken as we personally know one of those sweet victims in Conn.  Words escape me as to how to explain this to my 5 year old grandson who was/is best friends with this little angel. May all of us have and show more kindness. 

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