Don’t Be a Turkey

Once upon a time a man visited a small town. “Come see my Amazing Flying Turkey show!” he cried into a megaphone as he walked up the main street of town. Before long dozens of posters were hung showing turkeys flying in formation and describing the death defying feats they would perform.

The flying turkeys soon became the talk of the town as everybody knows that turkeys don’t fly. As the days leading up to the show passed the tickets sold out as people became curious about whether the showman could deliver.

On the day of the show the bleachers were full and the flying conditions were perfect. The man trotted onto the field followed by a dozen brown turkeys. The man bowed and the turkeys picked up speed and leapt into air and began to soar. They flew in complexed formations, loops, twists, high speed dives, and more. After a half hour of arial acrobatics they pulled off the grand finale, a corkscrew through a flaming ring. The birds landed and the crowd erupted. They had never seen anything so amazing in their whole lives. Then to the tune of cheers and applause the man got in his car and started his drive to the next town. The turkeys walked behind him.

The morale of the story? Don’t be a turkey. If you can fly then fly; don’t walk! When it comes to being healthy and happy most of us know what we need to do to take flight but instead we choose to stay on the ground.

Get off the ground and start doing the things you are capable of that make you amazing. DON’T BE A TURKEY!

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