Chiropractic Myth – I Adjust My Own Back

Chiropractic Myth – I Adjust My Own Back

At my chiropractic clinic I see this all the time. People talk about how amazing they are at “adjusting” their own spine. Heck, sometimes I even catch people doing this in the lobby while they are waiting to be seen. Believe it or not people will even self-adjust WHILE THEY ARE IN THE EXAM ROOM! Folks like this are literally addicted to “crack”. Believe me… this behavior is addictive for some.

But is the DIY back popping the same thing as a chiropractic adjustment? This video will bust that myth using a little bit of common sense. I wish I could say that I have seen my last self-imposed neck injury from some home-brewed chiropractic wizard but…. probably not.

I hope that you enjoy the video and share it with your friends. I wonder how many times this will be shared along with the comment: I told you so!.


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Corvallis Chiropractor, Jason Young, DC, MSHNFM

What Happens When I Self-Adjust?

When you self-adjust you may not be moving the joint that is stuck the way you think you are. You are probably moving a joint that is already moving. So what’s with the popping noise? It doesn’t mean a thing. I can pop my knuckles right now and it doesn’t mean I have cured some kind of horrible finger disease. Don’t think that getting a good “crack” is the same as restoring function to your joints.

Is it Dangerous to Self-Adjust?

I have seen strains, sprains, bruises and even fractures that result from people’s home chiropractic practice. Look… chiropractic is very safe. A lot of that safety, however, comes from the training of the doctor. Knowing when, and why and how to adjust is the most critical part of making spinal manipulation safe and effective for patients.

Please just leave it to the pros.

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