30 Minute Massage (STUDENT)
60 Minute Massage (STUDENT)

Note About Massage Pricing

Some rates may vary based on promotional rates and between massage therapists. If you have questions about pricing please contact our friendly staff for assistance. 

Deep Tissue Massage

A common misconception about deep tissue massage is that it is simple a massage where the therapist pushes really hard. While it typically does involve more pressure and deeper strokes that is not what makes this technique “deep tissue”. The name actually implies the ability to affect the function, health and alignment of muscles, ligaments and tendons. At the hands of a skilled therapist, deep tissue massage can make a significant impact on your health, movement and quality of life.

Relaxation Massage

Whether you are trying to beat stress or give yourself or a loved on a treat, relaxation massage feels fantastic and has a significant impact on your overall well being. Also known as Swedish Massage, relaxation massage involves long, soothing strokes of the muscles all while enjoying soft music in a comfortable setting.

Therapeutic Massage

Although this encompasses the use of several of the techniques above it is worth noting that all of our therapists work closely with Dr. Young. Our philosophy is that massage and chiropractic care are a potent combination. This seamless approach to care gives you the best chance of feeling your very best.

Sports Massage

Whether you have strained muscles from training hard or you are looking for fine tuning to perform your best, sports massage can help you maximize your sports potential and recovery. Our therapists have worked with every level of athlete including Olympians, NFL, Major and Minor League Baseball, College (including the Beavers!), High school  even weekend warriors. Let our expertise give you the edge you need to be your best.

Hot Stone Massage

This specialized technique uses heated basalt stones during the delivery of your massage. The stones may be placed strategically over points of stress and are also used to help knead muscles. Heat and massage are wonderful for relieving tension in the muscles. The combination of the two can’t be beat.

Pregnancy Massage

About 50% of pregnant women will experience low back pain during their pregnancy due to the change in joint stability and weight distribution as a pregnancy progresses. When these aches, pains and tight muscles come taking a pain reliever can be dangerous for your baby. Pregnancy massage is a technique specifically tailored to the needs of an expecting mother. It is safe and effective for mom and baby.