A Place of Caring

Today I had a really great privilege to donate some of my time and talents to what I feel is an excellent cause.  About a week ago I was attending a meeting for a marketing group I belong to called Points For Profit.  At the meeting a representative from the Mario Pastega presented about his organization.

The Mario Pastega House is Corvallis’s version of the world renowned Ronald McDonald House.  These facilities exist for patients and families who have to travel from their home for hospital treatment and need housing.  The Mario Pastega House is a single story 6,500 sq ft. facility which has been operating for the past 6 years to support people who are in a variety of situations including radiation treatment, cardio procedures, chemo therapy, or a family member in the hospital.  They offer this service at a nominal fee and nobody is turned away for financial reasons.  At any given time the house will become the temporary home of about 25 guests.  It is situated near Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center on a scenic 2 acre plot of land.  They have a garden, a playground for children, games to pass the time, internet and computer access, a kitchen, DVDs, a beautiful chapel, and friendly staff/volunteers.

To stay at the house a guest must have a home address which is more than 25 miles away, $20 per night and a referral from a physician.  Unfortunately this service is so popular and in such high demand that they have to turn down sometimes dozens of requests in a month.  Fortunately, the Mario Pastega House is there to assist people who are sometimes caught in heart breaking circumstances.

Mario Pastega (center)

Mario Pastega is the president of Pepsi Bottling Company in Corvallis.  He has been an important part of the community for decades providing many jobs, sponsoring sports teams, helping schools and as a member of the board of trustees for the hospital for nearly 30 years.  The house was largely Mr. Pastega’s vision and his family has provided much of the financial backing for the construction of the Mario Pastega House and the endowment which supports families who stay there through either direct donations or fund raising.

Listening to all of this information at the meeting, I can’t say that it was anything really new to me.  I was aware of the Pastega House and its mission.  What was knew was the feeling I had inside that there are people who may need what I can offer there.  So today I went to the Mario Pastega House and offered free chair massage to residents for what I hope is the first of many times.  We at Body of Health know first hand how powerful body work such as chiropractic and massage can be to people who are in pain whether it is emotional or physical.  It’s a real honor to be able to help in this way.

I thank God for the physical gifts and ability to help.  Thanks to the people in the world like Mario Pastega and the staff/administrators at the Mario Pastega House for stepping up and doing something selfless and good in this world.  Thanks for letting us be a part of it all.

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