A Beautiful Day at Otter Beach!

We really want to thank all of you who showed up to our annual Patient Appreciation Event at Otter Beach water park in Corvallis last week.  We had about 150 of you show up and the weather was perfect.  The food provided by Sugar Moma’s Sugar Shop was fantastic.  Shaved ice was provided by Jason’s Tropical Shaved Ice.  We gave away about $400 in prizes including gift certificates for massage and some of our favorite local businesses like Expressions in Bloom, Yogurt Xtreme, The Pottery Place and Francesco’s.  Thanks to the folks at Osborn Aquatic Center for providing lifeguards and a great place to play.

The reason we put together an event like this is because our patients are some of our very best friends.  Body of Health Chiropractic & Wellness Center is truly a family business in every sense of the words.  Mandy and I love having our kids at the clinic to learn values like hard work, a commitment to health and wellness, honesty, and friendship.  We also love seeing your families at the clinic as well.  I have noticed that when all members of the family are engaging in wellness care that the effects extend beyond just feeling good.  Striving for wellness improves family relationships as well because everybody is working towards that common value/ideal. 

So thanks again to all of you, whether you made it last week or not, for being such a great inspiration and for trusting us with your care.  It is really a blessing to have a job that is so enjoyable and worthwhile.

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